Search and Rescue: Antea Wasteland

Search and Rescue is one of the companion skills you can aquire through an 9-Event in Skyforge. It displays via a small icon all Survivors in a radius of 80′ around your character and tripples the follower  gain from rescuing them, but it also tripples the faith gain you get instead of the followers after you find 100 Survivors.

Finding Survivors on region maps and getting followers from them is the only other way to build up your followership (besides spending credits) in your cathedrale. So to help the players who don’t own this very handy companion skill and making live really easy for people who owns it, I made a map of the Antea Wasteland where I found Survivors and marked them with a red dot.

I don’t claim that this map is complete, if you find Surviors that are not marked please comment down below.


I have a love-hate relationship with Skyforge. In my opinion it has a great and inventive settings with decent visuals and a good combat system. But there are so many short comings about it. So to partially vent my frustration and offer the players of Skyforge a source of information -let's be honest Skyforge isn't popular at all- I created this Blog and try to write weekly Blog Posts about it and sometimes come up with some guides.

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